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Tapetenauswahl Rostock Malerfirma

Our wallpapering work

Wallpapering work is part of our range of services in the Rostock area.

We don't just limit ourselves to wallpapering classic woodchip wallpaper or smooth non-woven wallpaper, but are also your Rostock wallpaperer for individual requirements for design wallpapers and complex-to-process textured wallpapers or photo wallpapers.

Rely on our craftsmanship and our many years of experience in the area of wallpapering and have your wall coverings wallpapered by our knowledgeable painters in Rostock and the surrounding area.

We offer you an all-round service for wallpapering your walls. From the professional removal of old wallpaper to the necessary filling work to the professional installation of the desired wall coverings, we are your professional partner in Rostock and the surrounding area.

Wallpapering woodchip

The original woodchip wallpaper is a paper wallpaper, which consists of three layers of paper. Wood fibers are incorporated into these paper layers at the factory. These give the woodchip wallpaper a fine to coarse structure depending on the size of the wood particles.

As a rule of thumb you can say that the uneven the wall, the coarser the structure of the woodchip wallpaper used should be. Coarser woodchip wallpaper can also be painted more often than fine woodchip wallpaper without losing its structure.

If the color of coarse woodchip wallpaper is changed, the wallpaper does not have to be removed. They can also be painted over several times in color. For these reasons, woodchip wallpaper is certainly one of the most popular wallpapers for interior design.

Wallpapering non-woven wallpapers

Non-woven wallpapers impress on the one hand with their ease of processing compared to paper wallpapers and on the other hand with their durability.

Due to the structure of the various non-woven wallpapers, small bumps or cracks in the wall can be well hidden.

On softer surfaces such as gypsum fillers, non-woven wallpaper creates more impact- and scratch-resistant wall surfaces.

Of course, the ceilings and walls to be wallpapered should be prepared accordingly, as with other types of wallpaper. Larger bumps and holes should therefore be filled and the wall and ceiling surfaces cleaned of dust and wallpaper residues before applying the non-woven wallpaper.

Wallpapering structural wallpaper

Textured wallpapers have a special property. Their surface is plastically profiled. This relief structure is achieved by an intermediate layer foamed with polymeric materials. Wallpapers of this type create a patterned and dynamic overall appearance.

Nowadays, in contrast to the past, PVC-free plastics are used instead of PVC for environmental and health protection reasons.

Thanks to their foamed intermediate layer, textured wallpapers are slightly more voluminous than normal paper or non-woven wallpapers.

Before processing textured wallpaper, it is also necessary to prepare the substrates accordingly.

Wallpapering pattern wallpapers

Patterned wallpapers are a great eye-catcher. But they also require a more complex wallpapering technique. No matter whether it is geometric shapes, abstract designs, baroque ornaments or patterns with flowers. Transitions must fit together cleanly and invisibly to create a perfect overall picture.

On every patterned wallpaper, the patterns repeat at a certain distance. This is called rapport. Furthermore, the pattern wallpapers differ in their offset. A distinction is made here between straight approach and offset approach.

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