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streichen Stuck Rostock

Our painting work

In the area of painting and painting work, we not only process dispersion, lime and silicate paints in the interior and exterior areas. As Rostock painters, we are your contact for individual color advice and timely implementation of your design wishes in your residential and commercial spaces.

Rely on our craftsmanship and our many years of experience in painting work.

We offer you an all-round service when painting your apartment or house. From the professional preparation of the surface to the appropriate choice of color types to the final product, we are your professional partner in Rostock and the surrounding area.

Painters with emulsion paints

If we want to give our home a new interior coat of paint, emulsion paint is the most commonly used interior paint due to its special properties.

But what is it made of?

The term dispersion refers to a mixture of two substances that do not mix or dissolve with each other.

In the case of interior wall paint, the mixture consists of solvents and binders, fillers, color pigments and additives.

In most cases, emulsion paints for interior use contain synthetic resin or acrylate as a binding agent, which ensures that the dried paint adheres to the wall.

The addition of fillers and additives for better coverage of the emulsion paint, while added color pigments are responsible for the colors.

Painting mineral substrates with silicate paints

If you are looking for an interior paint for your walls in your apartment or house that is robust and permeable to water vapor, it is best to choose a silicate paint .

Compared to emulsion paints, silicate paints fundamentally differ in their composition.

Silicate paint contains natural binders. The so-called potassium water glass . So it works without any artificial solvents, plasticizers or preservatives.

When silicate paints are used on a mineral surface, the paint permanently bonds to the mineral ceiling or wall through a chemical reaction of the potassium silicate.

Silicate paints should be used on mineral substrates because of their better adhesion.

Painting with lime paints

Lime paint has a long tradition and was the most common type of wall paint before the invention of synthetic resin emulsion paints. Nowadays, ecological paint is becoming increasingly popular again, especially among builders who are more likely to opt for natural colors and a healthy indoor climate.

Since lime paints are highly permeable to diffusion, they have a very good moisture-regulating effect indoors.

It also has a germicidal and mold-preventing effect thanks to its high pH value. It is therefore often used in rooms that are prone to mold formation.

Selection of the appropriate facade paint for facade painting

Your facade painting is the business card of your property. Facade paint can be tinted in a variety of colors. So there are no limits to individual imagination here either. In addition to deciding on the color, selecting the appropriate color type is very important. This should be made taking into account the nature of the subsurface and its exposure to weather, etc.

The facade colors are divided into 3 color types. Silicone resin paint, emulsion paint and silicate paint.

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